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Our Mission

Coast Groups is a holding company that specialises in premier educational services. We recognise that our students deserve the best every day of the year. Offering an unparalleled level of service across our Hong Kong and UK based teams, we rise to meet all challenge, and evolve with the fast-changing landscape of education.

Woman Tutoring Child


Our UK team is spread around the country to ensure that every area has managers that are on call to assist each student throughout the year. 

The area manager is a bridge between the student, the parent, and head office, to make sure that communication is always quick and efficient, and that each child is cared for with the highest standards.


Our Hong Kong office is in the heart of Causeway Bay, meaning that parents can call, WhatsApp, or drop in any time they need. 

Whether it's signing documents, organising a birthday treat for your child, or simply coming in for a chat about how someone is doing, we are always on hand to answer any questions you have locally in Asia.

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