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May Half-Term

Intensive Revision & Exam Preparation


  • One-to-one meeting with the Lead Curriculum Developer prior to arrival

  • Personalised intensive study timetable for each student

  • Over 7 hours a day of scheduled revision time

  • Past exam papers to practise with from a variety of exam boards

  • Drop-in sessions focused on Maths, Sciences, Humanities and exam techniques delivered online by tutors from G5 universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and UCL

  • Tailored advice from university specialists for A Level selection and application process for all UK universities

  • Flexibility to include additional one-to-one tuition if required

  • Supervised study and regular check-ins to provide students with full support

  • Printing available on-site

  • Individual rooms available to maximise uninterrupted self-study time

  • Day options are available which include breakfast club or day attendance, with the same timetable as the residential option with drop-in sessions, supervised study, and optional extra one-on-one tuition from 9am to 5:30pm



Our Intensive Revision & Exam Preparation Course gives students the opportunity to access timely individualised support. We provide a personalised study schedule for students to take full advantage of the last school break of this academic year to revise and prepare for their GCSE and A Level exams. Our course offers students the opportunity to practice past exam papers, join subject-focused drop-in sessions and improve their exam techniques during the fully supervised intensive revision course.


To ensure that time is used productively, drop-in sessions that focus on a variety of subjects including Maths, the Sciences and Humanities, as well as on exam techniques and study skills, are scheduled throughout the course. Students can join sessions according to their personalised schedule at no extra cost. Support is provided during self-study times and additional one-to-one mentoring is available upon request. Evening group activities provide a fun and collaborative element to the course; students are encouraged to join every night after dinner to relax and recover from their studies.


Each student (or their parent) has the option to meet with the Academic Director prior to the commencement of the course. This is conducted to ascertain each student's requirements whilst on the course. On arrival at the course, the Course Director will ensure that each student is provided with a personalised timetable guiding them on appropriate drop-in sessions and ensuring each student meets with the relevant tutor as required.


Each student will be given their own personalised timetable with recommended additional drop-in sessions to attend, some provided online. Students will also be assigned exercises and past exam papers according to their current level so they can work towards achieving their academic goals. Drop-in sessions are subject-focused and will be led by highly qualified and experienced tutors. Delivered both online and held in person in small intimate groups, students will have the opportunity to ask specific questions and gain personal support and advice. If recommended or requested, additional one-to-one tuition can be arranged to complement the course schedule.


The timetable ensures students can take regular breaks throughout the day, and each day ends with an evening activity which is open to all students. A variety of optional trips over the weekends are available for students who wish to take a break from their studies to relax and recharge.



Students will receive expert personalised guidance to ensure they are on the correct path towards reaching their higher education goals. Whether students are looking for advice for A Level subject selections or for direction and support for university applications, our university specialists will provide students with tailor-made advice and map out steps for students to take in order to prepare and apply for places in G5, Russell Group and other universities in the UK.




  • AQA 

  • Pearson Edexcel 

  • OCR 

  • WJEC


  • Pearson Edexcel 

  • Cambridge

GCE A Level:

  • AQA 

  • Pearson Edexcel 

  • OCR 

  • WJEC 

  • CCEA


  • Maths 

  • Biology 

  • Chemistry 

  • Physics 

  • Economics

  • Geography 

  • History 

  • Politics

  • RS

  • Studying and revision tips 

Student Raising Hand

26th May to 4th June 2023 

Downside School



Individual Room:

£225 per night

Shared Room:

£195 per night

Day Student

Breakfast Club:£55 per day

Day Attendance:

£45 per day

Students in years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 who are preparing for their upcoming GCSE and A Level exams or mock exams 


Year Group



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